1. The One Where I Got So Busy I Forgot to Write

    2023-04-11 01:20:01 UTC
    Well, there goes 8 months! I had at least three drafts for posts that I’ve meant to write, all in varying mental and emotional states, but here I am… More than half a year later! Within that time, just for a quick recap I suppose, quite a few things have…

  2. The One Where I Travel (a lot) pt. 1

    2022-08-08 16:00:29 UTC
    One of the reasons why I made this website was to have a space to write. Again, not a writer, but I’m glad you’re here reading anyway. For posterity, I’ve always wanted to write about all the times I’ve travelled. While travel is a great privilege, I’d like to see…

  3. The One Where Things Just Happened

    2022-07-26 23:25:42 UTC
    I have a weird relationship with Chemistry. I love science, and I love statistics because it makes sense out of the data you worked so hard collecting. I was never good at it but the laboratory has always been my happy place. But at a certain point in life, I…

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